Lot 714, Great Britain #95

Great Britain 1883 6d in carmine on 6d violet Queen Victoria block of 40, from positions KI-KL to TI-TL, showing the "slanting dots" variety in positions MI, PJ and SJ, as well as the "left dot only" variety in position OI, fresh and mint never hinged with fine or better centering, positions TK-TL are faulty. It is understood that this issue was overprinted in a setting of 40 onto blocks of 40 stamps and, as such, this pane of 40 is the largest possible multiple (only 2 panes of 40 have been recorded). A lovely showpiece in lovely quality. It should be noted that the catalogue values quoted are for hinged only with never hinged worth a significant premium, and no premium for the varieties in the Scott value. (SG #162, 162a £23,950 = $47,900, not counting the "left dot only" variety). Scott CV $21,000

Canada Lots 308, 309 & 549—Rare Admiral Specimens

These three Admiral lots do not carry a high catalogue value, but we expect they will attract interest for their rarity.

The first set is Lot 308 Canada #MR2B-D, 1915 5¢ to 50¢ Admiral War Tax set of 3, each stamp with purple "Sample" overprint applied diagonally, mint hinged (paper h.r.) with some adhesions, fine-very fine, the 5¢ with natural straight edge at top and 50¢ centered to right and with small gum thin. Only about 5 such sets have been recorded to date. Est $200. The second set (Lot 309) is the Inland Revenue MR2Bi-Di 1915 5¢ to 50¢ Admiral War Tax again in a set of 3, each stamp with purple "Sample" overprint applied diagonally, mint hinged (paper h.r.) with some faults, 5¢ badly thinned, 20¢ trivial scuff and gum loss, 50¢ with thins and gum bends. The first such set we can recall seeing (The Harry W. Lussey collection was missing this Specimen set). Est $200. And to complete the subject, we have Canada #FWT7/FWT16, 1915 War Tax issue (Lot 549), 8 different values (4¢ and 8¢ values are missing), each with purple "Sample" overprint applied diagonally, mint hinged (paper or heavy hinge remnants), some with adhesion on gum and 50¢ value with gum soak stain at left, but overall fine or better. A rare group of specimens with less than 10 of each value recorded to date. Est $150.

Lot 611, Prince Edward Island #2

Prince Edward Island 1861 3d blue Queen Victoria, perf 9
, a phenomenal mint single possessing full original gum, hinged, exceptional centering and almost perfect perforations. A few slightly shorter perforations tips are mentioned for the record only and given the nature of this stamp do not detract in any way. Overall extremely fine for this issue and among the finest in existence. Unitrade CV $3000