Lot 60, Canada 1859 five cent vermilion Beaver block of four with re-entries, sold for $488

Lot 60, Canada 1859 five cent vermilion Beaver with re-entries, sold for $488Lot 60 Canada #15 1859 5c vermilion Beaver, a used block of four with Berri duplex cancels from Peterboro dated SEP.2.1864. Accompanied by a 2018 Greene Foundation certificate explaining that the stamps are from plate positions 14-15 / 24-25, and that there is a “trace of a re-entry on position 15 under lower right S, trace of re-entry in frameline on position 24 under lower left corner.” A fine and scarce block. Rsv. sold for C$425 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 143 — Canada 1898 two cent Map Stamp on piece, second day of use, sold for $109

Lot 143Lot 143 Canada #85 1898 2c Map Stamp on piece dated second day of use, along with a 5c Leaf and an 8c Numeral, each tied by a Peterboro cds dated DEC.8.1898. This likely paid the pre-Imperial Penny Post 15c UPU rate, or a double UPU plus registration. Interesting and very fine. Estimate $100, sold for $95 plus buyer’s premium.