Lot 1644 — Canada 1859-1952 used collection, sold for $2530

The exceptional quality in this used collection, brought some spirited bidding and yielded a handsome realization for the consignor.
Lot 1644Lot 1644 Canada #15-321 1859-1952 Collection of Selected Used in a Rapkin Album. A collection spanning many decades of selected attractive stamps, many with CDS postmarks. Noteworthy are the used blocks and coil strips including Scott # 141-8, 156-8, 177, 202-4, 208-10, 226-7, 241-5, 262 and 302. Some stamps represented with up to 20 examples. Overall very fine. Includes a small box with glassines of extras. Estimate $1000, sold for $2200 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 1120 — 1891 Madagascar 5c to 1fr Numerals, sold for $207

This lot is another example where rare stamps find a market even when they are faulty. While not as impressive as the 15centimes Cérès head featured last month, this is still a strong result.

Lot 1120Lot 1120 Madagascar #8-12 1891 5c to 1fr Numerals, used with 1891 cds cancels, 5c with large thinned area, 10c and 25c have a pinhole each, else mostly fine. Scott CV$381, sold for $180 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 143 — Canada 1898 two cent Map Stamp on piece, second day of use, sold for $109

Lot 143Lot 143 Canada #85 1898 2c Map Stamp on piece dated second day of use, along with a 5c Leaf and an 8c Numeral, each tied by a Peterboro cds dated DEC.8.1898. This likely paid the pre-Imperial Penny Post 15c UPU rate, or a double UPU plus registration. Interesting and very fine. Estimate $100, sold for $95 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 1320 — Canada 1892 cover franked with strip of three one cent Small Queens, sold for $184

Lot 1320Lot 1320 Canada #35 1892 Paris, Ontario to Toronto franked with a strip of three 1c Small Queens, each cancelled by ideal strikes of an intaglio diamond in three bars (Lacelle no. 1587). Mailed Paris MAY.9.1892 and Toronto next day receiver on back. Small opening tear at top, not affecting stamps. Very fine. Estimate $100, sold for $160 plus buyer’s premium.