Lot 94, Canada 1872 two cent Small Queen die proof, ex-Hillson

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Lot 94, Canada 1872 two cent Small Queen die proofLot 94 Canada #36DP 1872 2c Small Queen Die Proof in Colour of Issue, in India paper measuring 25 x 30 mm. A very fine and rare Small Queen die proof. Illustrated on the front cover and on page 51 of The Small Queens of Canada, (Second Revised Edition) by Hillson. Estimate $7,500.

Lot 41, Canada Small Queen vignette die proof, ex-Hillson

Lot 41 Small Queen Vignette Die Proof, on thin paper measuring 36 x 37 mm. Mr. Hillson writes “Originally made in late 1867 or early 1868 as the vignette for the ½c Large Queen, it was used for the entire Small Queen series up to 1882, when the ½c Small Queen was introduced using a reduced size head, necessary because of its diminutive size. This vignette die proof differs only in its reduced circumference to the Large Queen, cutting the point of the neck, and is doubtless made from a die struck from the larger circumference master die.” A rare item and a must have for the serious Small Queen collector. From the John Hillson Collections, and illustrated in H&N, page 4. Estimate C$2,500.