About Us

Sparks Auctions was founded in 2007 by a group of advanced collectors and experienced philatelic professionals in Ottawa, Canada. It is a traditional auction house using modern tools and methods. Sparks Auctions works for consignors to present their material in ways that attract attention and bidders from around the world and maximize realizations for those consignors. Sparks Auctions has established a reputation for careful, accurate descriptions and wide-ranging auction offerings. The friendly team at Sparks Auctions can help you build your collections and exhibits.

The Sparks Auctions Team


Stéphane Cloutier, FRPSC, FPHSC, Auction Manager
Peter MacDonald, General Manager
Kate Morrow, Auction Coordinator
Steve Johnson, Auction Lotter
Matt Johnston, Website & Technical Coordinator, Auctioneer


Antoine Babinsky
Caroline Phillips
Richard Thouin
Hank Van der Linde
Jim Waal
Brian Wolfenden, Auctioneer


Ian Kimmerly, FRPSC, President
Antoine Babinsky, Director
Doug Lingard, FRPSC, OTB, Director
Peter MacDonald, Secretary-Treasurer
Hank Narbonne, RPSC, OTB, Director
Firmin Wyndels, Director

Expert Input

Along with our regular lotters, our auction team draws on the expertise and experience of many individuals, including collectors and exhibitors who have won Gold Medals. Most of us have contributed locally and nationally to organized philately as Editors, Presidents, or leaders of Societies, Clubs and Stamp Shows. Also among our number are accredited and respected philatelic Judges. We always welcome and encourage new talent.

We hold sales several times per year. At each sale, a local auction floor (when permitted by local regulations) is complemented by large numbers of on-line and advance bidders. With attractive printed catalogues, live bidding on Stamp Auction Network, and a comprehensive website, we have a track record of successful sales.

We encourage you to review our Terms & Conditions page for detailed instructions on participating in a sale, and check our Consignors page to learn how to make the most of your consignment, whether it’s a stamp collecting area which you no longer pursue, other surplus collections and accumulations, or an inheritance or estate.

We are proud members (as a company or through management and staff member’s individual membership) of:

We adhere to the CSDA Code of Ethics. Use of our website and our mailing list is governed by our privacy policy.

Our offices are at 1770 Woodward Drive (full mailing address below). We are open by appointment only, Monday-Friday. Please call ahead to set up or confirm your appointment.