Lot 551, Nova Scotia 1860 six pence dark green Heraldic bisect on letter to PEI, sold for $2415

Lot 551 Nova Scotia #5a 1860 6d dark green Heraldic Diagonal Bisect on Folded Letter to PEI, mailed from Digby NS on APR.11.1860 (backstamp), through Halifax (APR.13 oval backstamp) and addressed to Muddy Creek, St Eleanors, both located in Lot 17, (APR.20 Prince Edward Island backstamp). The letter inside is dated March 30, 1860. Franked with a bisected dark green 6d, tied on all sides, paying the proper inter-Colonial 3d rate. Accompanied by a 2017 Greene Foundation certificate. From the Louis Sidney Crosby Collection of Prince Edward Island. A very fine cover. Unlisted in The Pence Covers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1851-1860 by Arfken and Firby (2004) and as such likely the only known use of a Nova Scotia bisect on a cover to Prince Edward Island. Unitrade CV$7,000, sold for C$2,100 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 528, BC & Vancouver Island 1860 two and a half pence dull rose, sheet margin mint block of six, sold for $2645

Lot 528 British Columbia & Vancouver Island #2 1860 2½d dull rose Queen Victoria, Perforated 14, a mint upper right sheet margin block of six, with full original gum and five never hinged stamps. Selvedge at top reads “ENCE HALF PENNY” in two lines. The block was once folded horizontally, affecting the three bottom stamps, still a lovely and fresh appearing block, unpriced in Unitrade for never hinged stamps and ex. Jack Wallace and the Mayfair find. Unitrade CV$6,000, sold for C$2,300 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 715, 1900 COGH “Mafeking Besieged” surcharges, sold for $1035

Lot 715, 1900 COGH "Mafeking Besieged" surcharges, 6d on 3d example, set sold for $1035Lot 715 O 162/175 1900 Collection of Mafeking Siege Surcharge Issues, a lovely used group, which includes Scott #s 162, 164, 165, 167, 171, 172-175. Each stamp is postmarked with a Mafeking C.G.H. datestamp, all are fully dated between MAR.30 and MAY 3.1900, two singles are on piece and #174 is a vertical pair on piece. Also includes a used #178 (Major Goodyear, postmarked MAFEKING C.G.H. MAY.2.1900) and a #N2 on piece (Vryburg surcharge Type I, dated NOV.28.1899). Scott CV U$1,815, sold for C$900 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 715, 1900 COGH "Mafeking Besieged" surcharges, sold for $1035

Lot 14, Canada 1852 six pence Consort on folded letter Montreal to New York, sold for $1150

Lot 14, Canada 1852 six pence Consort on folded letter Montreal to New York, sold for $1150Lot 14 Canada #2 1852 6d Consort on Laid Paper on Folded Letter, mailed from Montreal on JUN.17.1852 to Kennedy in New York, franked with a very fine copy of the laid paper Consort, with four large and even margins, cancelled by a target cancel. There are also two red handstamps on front, being a CANADA in arc and a PAID. Vertical file fold not affecting stamp, very fine. Accompanied by a 2010 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$2,400, sold for C$1,000 plus buyer’s premium.