Lot 715, 1900 COGH “Mafeking Besieged” surcharges, sold for $1035

Lot 715, 1900 COGH "Mafeking Besieged" surcharges, 6d on 3d example, set sold for $1035Lot 715 O 162/175 1900 Collection of Mafeking Siege Surcharge Issues, a lovely used group, which includes Scott #s 162, 164, 165, 167, 171, 172-175. Each stamp is postmarked with a Mafeking C.G.H. datestamp, all are fully dated between MAR.30 and MAY 3.1900, two singles are on piece and #174 is a vertical pair on piece. Also includes a used #178 (Major Goodyear, postmarked MAFEKING C.G.H. MAY.2.1900) and a #N2 on piece (Vryburg surcharge Type I, dated NOV.28.1899). Scott CV U$1,815, sold for C$900 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 715, 1900 COGH "Mafeking Besieged" surcharges, sold for $1035