Lot 380, 1879 fifteen cent non-UPU SQ cover to Cape of Good Hope, sold for $5520

Lot 380Lot 380 1879 15c non-UPU cover to Cape of Good Hope, franked with 1c yellow (pair and single), perforated 11½x12, plus two 6c dull brown, perforated 12 (small faults), all cancelled by light cork cancels, paying the 15c non-UPU letter rate. Mailed from Noel, NS (OCT.18.1879) to Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope (Nov. 28 receiver). With “50” (50 centimes) British claim in red, equivalent to 5d, or 10c. The cover has staining at upper right, fine. Cape of Good Hope is a very rare destination and this is the only known cover prepaying the 15c non-UPU rate, and is also the earliest recorded Small Queen cover to Cape of Good Hope. (Unitrade 35vii, 39d)

Provenance: Charles de Volpi (1966), Harry Lussey (1983), George Arfken (1997), Ted Nixon (2012).

Illustrated in: Canada’s Small Queen Era 1870-1897 by George Arkfen, p.352.
Estimate $3,500, sold for $4,800 plus buyer’s premium.