Lot 528, BC & Vancouver Island 1860 two and a half pence dull rose, sheet margin mint block of six, sold for $2645

Lot 528 British Columbia & Vancouver Island #2 1860 2½d dull rose Queen Victoria, Perforated 14, a mint upper right sheet margin block of six, with full original gum and five never hinged stamps. Selvedge at top reads “ENCE HALF PENNY” in two lines. The block was once folded horizontally, affecting the three bottom stamps, still a lovely and fresh appearing block, unpriced in Unitrade for never hinged stamps and ex. Jack Wallace and the Mayfair find. Unitrade CV$6,000, sold for C$2,300 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 527, British Columbia two and a half pence dull rose, F-VF NG

Lot 527, British Columbia two and a half pence dull rose, F-VF NGLot 527 British Columbia #1 1860 2½d dull rose Queen Victoria Imperforate, Unwatermarked, unused (no gum) with clear to large margins, exceptionally fresh and fine-very fine. Accompanied by a 1973 Philatelic Foundation (New York) certificate. A very nice example of this world rarity. Unitrade CV$18,000.
1973 Philatelic Foundation certificate

Lot 391, British Columbia 1867 25c surcharge on three pence orange, used

Lot 391Lot 391 British Columbia and Vancouver Island #11 1867 25c on 3d orange Surcharged Heraldic, Perforated 14, used with rare “A06” in grid cancel from British Honduras (Belize City) usually found on GB stamps. Fresh stamp, with bright colour and only a light vertical crease at right, possibly caused by the postmarking device, still probably unique and very fine. Estimate $500.

Lot 392, BC & Vancouver Island 1869 five cent on three pence surcharge cover

Lot 392Lot 392 British Columbia and Vancouver Island #14 1869 5c on 3d bright red Surcharged Heraldic, Perforated 12½, on Drop Letter Cover, mailed Victoria BC (c.d.s. dated JUN.26.1896 tying stamp) and franked with a fine 5c stamp. Rough opening at top, resulting in some tears in the backflap (which bears an embossed Star of David), still a very rare franking (this stamp unpriced on cover in Unitrade). Ex. Dale Lichtenstein 2004 Harmer sale where it was described as being one of only four known (two in that sale plus two owned by Wellburn). Accompanied by a 2004 Philatelic Foundation certificate which in our opinion harshly describes “stamp has a horizontal crease at top” (which we cannot see) and “without most of the backflap” (actually only has tears and missing two small pieces). Estimate $3,500.