Lot 929, Bolivia #19

Bolivia #19, 1870 500c black Eleven Stars Arms of Bolivia, fresh with good colour but has been regummed to appear never hinged, fine-very fine. Accompanied by 2009 Sergio Sismondo certificate. One of the rarest stamps of Bolivia and a classic rarity. Scott CV $3500

Lot 729, Antigua #63 full pane of 60

Antigua #63 1922 5sh green and red on yellow paper KGV, full pane of 60, from the left side of the sheet and with intact selvedge. Fresh and never hinged with only a bit of separation between stamps 3 and 4, very fine. (SG #60 £510). Catalogue values are for hinged singles only. Scott CV $540

Lot 13, Used Canada #9

Canada #9 1857 7½d green Victoria, used with well clear to full margins on 3 sides, just touching frameline at top, with partial plate imprint at bottom which is clearly doubled, cancelled by #37 4-ring numeral from Quebec City, fine. Accompanied by 2009 Greene Foundation certificate stating "re-entry of imprint at bottom". This re-entry occurs under stamps from position 117 and 118 of the bottom row of the sheet of 120. Unitrade CV $2250

Lot 921, Bolivia #1a Pane of 72

Bolivia #1a, 1867 5¢ blue green Condor issue, thin paper, a compete pane of 72 with deep fresh colour and original gum. There are 3 natural inclusions in the paper otherwise without fault. Described as the retouched state after third engraving. Old hinge remnants on 12 stamps around border leaving all very fine and 60 stamps never hinged. Scott CV $792