Lot 579, Canada 1895 ten cent UPU Registered cover Yorkville to Lausanne Switzerland, sold for C$672

Lot 579, Canada 1895 ten cent UPU Registered cover Yorkville to Lausanne Switzerland, sold for C$672Lot 579 Canada #45a 1895 10c UPU Registered Cover to Switzerland, mailed from Yorkville (FEB.16.1895) to Lausanne, Switzerland with MAR.1 receiver on back, via Toronto and London, England. Franked with 10c rose carmine, tied by two c.d.s. cancels, paying the 5c UPU letter rate plus 5c registration fee. Scarce solo use of the 10c value, minor edge tears, very fine. Ex Daniel Cantor. Estimate $300, sold for C$575.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 935, Canada 1898 eight cent orange numeral cover, Toronto to New York state, sold for $127

Lot 935Lot 935 Canada #82 1898 8c orange Queen Victoria Numeral on Cross Border Registered Cover, mailed from Toronto (DEC.22.1898) to NY and franked with a single 8c orange (very fine). Number of backstamps including Buffalo, Hoosick Falls and Toronto. A very fine cover. Unitrade CV$120, sold for C$110 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 34 — Canada one cent yellow orange Small Queen strip of five on cover

Lot 34Lot 34 Canada 1871 1c yellow orange on thick, soft paper, horizontal strip of five tied to domestic registered cover by three strikes of duplex cancel, paying the 3c letter rate plus 2c registration fee. Mailed from London, Ont. (duplex #6 dated JAN.18.1872) to Clinton (next day receiver on back). A lovely and rare cover, bearing the largest known multiple of this very scarce paper variety, very fine. (Unitrade 35ix).

Provenance: John Siverts (1989), Ted Nixon (2012).
Estimate $3,000.

Lot 1307 — Canada registered cover to New Zealand, ex-Horace Harrison, sold for $1553

Lot 1307Lot 1307 Canada #30, F1, F2, F3 1880 15c Registered Cover to New Zealand, franked with a 15c Large Queen plus a 2c, 5c and 8c Registration stamps. Mailed Bradford Ont. JUN.26.1880 to New Zealand, via Toronto, Windsor and San Francisco (where it was delayed for 28 days). Received at Nelson, New Zealand on AUG.28.1880. Cover is open on three sides, Ex Horrace Harrison, fabricated by him, illustrated on p. 337 of his book and still on one of his exhibit pages. Estimate $150, realized $1350 plus premium.