Lot 1089, 1826 Québec City folder letter to Calcutta, India via Boston, sold for C$731

Lot 1089, 1826 Québec City folder letter to Calcutta, India via Boston, sold for C$731Lot 1089 1826 Québec City Folded Letter to Calcutta, Via Boston, mailed from Québec City on January 15th, 1826 (datelined inside and dated backstamp of a fine Québec Fleuron, in use 1825-1830) and addressed to Edward Hale in Calcutta, care of L. Deblois & Co. in Boston. The front shows two fine strikes of the QUEBEC / PAID (in use 1817-1830), one with the currency rate to the border “1N” and the other with the rate to Boston “18¾”. The long and interesting letter of four pages would have been carried to Calcutta by favour, and docketing indicates it was received there on June 16th 1826. Born in 1820, Edward Hale was the secretary of his uncle Lord Amherst in India from 1823 to 1829 (the period when this letter was mailed to him there). The Deblois family were merchants in Boston who imported goods from England and India twice a year, and therefore would have been able to carry this letter by favour. The contents are full of political news and gossip of the day. A very fine and interesting letter. Estimate $500, sold for C$625.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 602, Canada 1845 Stampless Folded Letter from Red River Settlement

A very interesting stampless folded letter:
Lot 602Lot 602 1845 Red River Settlement Folded Stampless Letter, written at Beaver Creek (post office did not open there until 1881) to Reverend Smithurst at “Indian Settlement”. The letter is most descriptive as to how natives were treated and viewed at the time. This lot also includes an accounting from the Hudson Bay Post at York Factory (signed by Chief Factor?) for supplies Smithurst purchased at Fort Ellis, indicating his mission was near Fort Ellis. A very scarce duo and very fine. Estimate C$400.
Lot 602_LetterLot 602_Statement

Lot 1301 — Canada cover SFL Kingston to Wetherby, England, sold for $173



Lot 1301 Canada 1821 Kingston U.C to Wetherby England SFL, originated at Kingston on JUL.15.1821, likely passed through United States at Cape Vincent and picked up by a ship to Liverpool at New York City. Back has a black “Liverpool Ship Letter” handstamp and front has a few manuscript rate markings. Includes a long interesting letter, very fine. Estimate $50, sold for $150 plus premium.