Lots 29 & 30 — Canada 1857 seven and a half pence green Victoria

Two 1857 7½d green Queen Victoria, one unused with Stitch Watermark, other used with Flaw in 1d.

Lot 29Lot 29 Canada #9iii 1857 7½d green Queen Victoria with Stitch Watermark, unused, and unlisted in Unitrade as such. Margins are good to just touching, and there is a thin at bottom left. A rare stamp, and accompanied by a 2008 Greene Foundation certificate. Estimate $5,000.

Lot 30Lot 30 Canada #9iv 1857 7½d green Queen Victoria with Flaw in “1d” of Fraction at upper right. Used, with three large margins plus one just touching at top left. A scarce variety and accompanied by a 2013 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. Unitrade CV$7,500.

Lot 32 & 63 — Canada Three penny Beaver and Six pence Consort, both with stitch watermark

Lot 32Lot 32 Canada #4x 1852 3d brown red Beaver with Stitch Watermark, used with bold, centrally struck 4-ring #21 (Montreal) cancel. The stitch watermark is vertical. From position 30 of Pane B (in pencil on back), and thus with sheet margin at right showing large part of imprint “…on, Wright, Hatch, & Edson. Ne…”. Margin is cut into slightly at upper left, else a very nice example with many attributes. Accompanied by a 1996 Saskatoon Stamp Centre certificate. Unitrade CV$1,000

Lot 63Lot 63 Canada #13i 1859 6d brown violet Consort with Stitch Watermark, used, with light cancel, with stitch watermark running across width of stamp. Usual centering, and a rare stamp, with apparently only 3 known to exist. Accompanied by a 2013 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$5,000

Welcome to Auction #12

Session One (Canada, Lots 1-653) and Two (B.N.A., Lots 701-869) offer great depth combined with many top-quality lots.

In the pence issues the laid paper lots have exceptional singles, multiples and covers, while the wove papers add cancels, varieties and rarities (stitch watermark; two of the very scarce six penny reddish purple on thick fibrous paper; three of the six penny perforated). The 1859s continue on with three of the ten cent black brown and a block of twelve of the 17 cent Cartier. The Large Queens offer a mint watermarked two cent, a Goatee variety, the rare mint 15 cent on thick paper (30c) and 15 cent with script watermark as well as a fine one cent and a very fine three cent on laid paper.

Every series goes on to offer quality and rarity as well as nice stamps for the general collector. Among the numerous special items is the discovery example of a previously unrecorded #1815 variety.

Canada #CLP6Our section of semi-official airmail is especially strong with nearly 100 lots highlighted by the London to London stamp #CLP6. In two sections within Canada we have grouped an extensive collection of mint sheets. The B.N.A. is especially strong in British Columbia with #3 and many of the elusive numeral cancels. A wonderful New Brunswick shilling on cover, and an equally wonderful watermarked Nova Scotia shilling are highlights from these colonies. Another shilling, from Newfoundland, is just one of the highlights of Newfoundland.

The Postal History section has gotten stronger with each auction and the trend continues in this sale, with a great many lots not having been on the philatelic market for decades, and sometimes being offered for the first time.

Lots and Collections have many strong and worthwhile offerings. Of note is ten very nice lots of Norway which are among the 29 Scandinavian lots. Germany, with 30 lots, has much to offer the collector of post-WWII never hinged, and the 44 Canada & B.N.A. as usual constitute a diverse group.

In a change from previous sales, we have lotted the type of single-franking covers (often with expensive stamps) within the stamps section rather than postal history, reasoning that these appeal to both stamp collectors and postal historians.

Live bidding is now active on Stampauctionnetwork.com. PDF Catalogues and Image Gallery will be available here on Sparks-auctions.com later this week.