Featured Item #6

Lot #2038 Canada – 1914 Empress of Ireland Five Page Disaster Exhibit. Wonderful exhibit with handsome and scarce material telling the unfortunate philatelic history of the sinking of this Canadian Pacific Liner on May 29, 1914. This story of Canada’s worst peace-time sea disaster unfolds with picture postcards, salvaged mail and very scarce "Ambulance" cover sent from Dead Letter Office, Ottawa. The exhibit is supported by excellent text and supplementary material. (Click on scan to see more.) $1500

Ian says: "The Empress of Ireland holds a special fascination and this Exhibit could likely be expanded into a smashing one-frame competititive entry. It would be nice to see it in a future show. "

Featured Item #5

Lot #298 Canada #108a – King George V – 3c Yellow Brown – Wet Printing. One of the toughest shade and printing combinations within this issue, we offer an example of outstanding quality. Very large, symmetrical margins and distinct, strong colour. Flawless full original never hinged gum. Unitrade Cat. $75

Ian remarks: "I could probably pick several dozen items from the nearly 200 lots of Admirals. I was undecided between the very scarce wet printing of the one dollar (Lot 378) and the three cent brown which combines a scarce shade with exceptional margins. There might be very stiff competition for lot 298. "

Featured Item #4

Lot #1455 Bhutan 152-152F – Phonographic Records Issue. This small nation shocked the philatelic world with the release of this 1973 issue. Playable recordings of Bhutanese national anthem, history and folk songs. Unused self-adhesives, fresh and unplayed. Rarely seen. Scott Cat. $375

Ian’s comment: "This is a lot which would be spurned by the traditionalists. When the Canadian Postal Museum was getting established they wanted these for a display because of their appeal to the general public who were not ‘fly-speck’ philatelists. They asked me to find a set and I had a very hard time locating and purchasing one. "

Featured Item #3

Lot 2061 Canada – 1947 “Salved from the Sea” Disaster Cover.

A truly magnificent, eye-appealing cover. The lot includes details as presented when this item was presented in philatelic exhibit, as follows: “A cover from the wreck of RMS Nascopie. She struck an uncharted reef during a storm on 22 July, all of the 54 passengers and crew were rescued but the ship was abandoned that day. Some of the mail was saved on 22 July, with more being recovered on 23 July. As were most such letters, this was marked, at Churchill Manitoba, with a rubber stamp bearing the words: SALVED FROM THE SEA. The cover was then postmarked with EAP oval cachet. This oval hammer was only used, in violet, from 1 August to 11 August 1947. The exhibit below is the first day of use of a very short-lived cancellation on a rare cover.” Obviously this item still warrants showpiece contention. Est. $500

Ian notes: “Most covers which have a ‘wow’ factor have rare stamps in exceptional quality. In the case of this envelope, it is the illustration which evokes the superlative.”

Featured Item #2

Lot 1351 E/P VF – Sierra Leone #164P – King George V. Die proof of King George V vignette, adopted for the 10sh value of the 1933 William Wilberforce Issue. Contemporary ink notations for production, as applied at the Bradbury, Wilkinson Ltd. Printing firm. There is a small fault at upper right resulting from affixing the item into the production book. A very rare item, with only a few known and unique with the production notes. Est. $1,500

Ian comments: “This item with the production notes makes a wonderful Exhibition item for an advanced collection. To my mind, the fact that the ink notations have run adds character and interest to this lot.”