Sparks Auctions Sale #3, January 13th-14th, 2009

Collectors, dealers and consignors expect the best from Sparks Auctions.
We are proud to report that collections as well as top quality single stamps have been coming in at a rate which has overwhelmed our storage space. In excess of 320 feet (100 meters) of shelf space is filled with albums, stock books and cartons of stamps.
When we began lotting in August we planned a late Fall Auction, but soon realized that scheduling a sale even in early December would result in intense deadline pressure, with the likelihood that we may unnecessarily compromise our policy of offering the best material.
We have therefore set the date of Auction #3 for mid-January. An extended schedule for producing the catalogue, advertising and making all other preparations will guarantee a smooth-running sale, and we will not have a conflict with the busy holiday season in December.
Catalogue preparation will be in full flight next week, with the expectation that mailing will be possible in early December. We will notify customers through our website when shipping has begun.
There are many lots in Auction Three worth featuring and these descriptions will be featured on our website and elsewhere for many weeks prior to the auction.

Surprising Cover Lots

We have usually highlighted individual stamps that drew impressive realizations, but a number of the cover lots also surprised. A quick glance down the page of earlier Canada covers will show many that sold for the estimate or better. Postcard lots did well, as did bulk world covers.

Lot 1581 is an excellent example. Two boxes of approximately 750 Halifax, Nova Scotia squared circles on covers and cards. One box contains a calendar collection separated by month and year and the other box is mixed dates. We noted several Small Queen, Jubilee and Numeral frankings along with cards as well. Noted at least 26 precursors. Condition varies. We estimated $250, eventually sold for $862.