Lot 32 & 63 — Canada Three penny Beaver and Six pence Consort, both with stitch watermark

Lot 32Lot 32 Canada #4x 1852 3d brown red Beaver with Stitch Watermark, used with bold, centrally struck 4-ring #21 (Montreal) cancel. The stitch watermark is vertical. From position 30 of Pane B (in pencil on back), and thus with sheet margin at right showing large part of imprint “…on, Wright, Hatch, & Edson. Ne…”. Margin is cut into slightly at upper left, else a very nice example with many attributes. Accompanied by a 1996 Saskatoon Stamp Centre certificate. Unitrade CV$1,000

Lot 63Lot 63 Canada #13i 1859 6d brown violet Consort with Stitch Watermark, used, with light cancel, with stitch watermark running across width of stamp. Usual centering, and a rare stamp, with apparently only 3 known to exist. Accompanied by a 2013 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$5,000