Lot 1111, group of four better early Canada Dead Letter Office covers

Lot 1111, group of four better early Canada Dead Letter Office coversLot 1111 Group of four Better Early D.L.O. Covers, including: #DLOS-1, maybe unique “3” in circle on Nov. 24, 1875 Chateauguay Basin, L.C. cover addressed to Canton, Massachusetts under franked 3c Small Queen with “OVER ½ OZ.” and “RETURNED FOR POSTAGE” auxiliary markings, sent to the Montréal D.L.O. where additional 3c stamp was added (cancelled JA 24, 1876 D.L.O. cds). From the Brian Plain Collection of Canadian Dead Letter Offices. This cover is illustrated on front page of Mr. Plain’s book The Dead Letter Office in Canada 1830-2002: An Illustrated Postal History, Second Edition. Next is a #DLO-5 “2” on back Hamilton Dec 2, 1879 cover; #DLO-9 “1” on back Hamilton JY 4, 1878 local cover. Diamond shape “1” on back alongside 2 different D.L.O. cds of an undeliverable 1891 Winnipeg large size cover and finally an oval D.L.O. Branch / P.O. Dept. Canada oval cds on Oct 7, 1895 red envelope to Boston, with D.L.O. cds on back alongside purple P.O. Inspectors; London, Ont. oval dated Jan 16, 1896. A fascinating group with three well described on exhibition pages. A few faults but overall very fine. Estimate $400.

Lot 2261, Canada 1942 cover with Special Delivery paid twice, airmail, etc. realized $161

Lot 2261, Canada 1942 cover with Special Delivery paid twice, airmail, etc. realized $161Lot 2261 Canada #E7, C6 1942 Special Delivery Fee Paid Twice for Redirection, mailed Vancouver on JAN.17.1942 and addressed to Vancouver (overpaid 4c for drop letter) and franked with 10c Special Delivery stamp. An additional 10c Special Delivery stamp was added once it was found that the addressee had moved to Winnipeg. Manuscript markings “Forward on” and “Prepaid on redirection for further special Del.” Rare and illustrated in Davis on page 3-18. Stamps all used in proper time period. Missing back flap, still very fine. Estimate $150, sold for C$140 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 1383 — Canada 1924 First Flight Cover

Postal History begins today at 2:30pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Lot 1383Lot 1383 Canada #CLP5i 1924 Winnipeg to Estevan First Flight Cover Franked with CLP5i, the CLP5i is the wide space between “e w” in Saskatchewan. Cover also franked with a 3c Admiral. Cover has a small piece missing at bottom right and a minor crease bottom left. Unitrade CV$300

Sale #13 Lots & Collections

Today begins the bulkiest but potentially most interesting part of the sale. We will see some great prices in the first few minutes, where we feature complete Canada collections that could well have been broken down into individual lots. Lot 1605 is a quite complete, clean, collection of Canadian revenues that will sell for more than $2000. A Winnipeg squared circle collection follows two lots later:

From Lot 1607
Lot 1607 Canada Winnipeg Squared Circle Collection, 1893 to 1905 of over 2,450 items. Everything is mounted according to hammer, time mark, date, month, and year. Includes approximately 660 hammer I stamps and covers, approximately 440 from hammer II and over 1,350 from Hammer III. As well, there are 2 from Hammer IV: one on a 1c Edward postal card (1904) and also on a 2c Edward stamp (1905). Of the above total, 280 plus are on Jubilees, incl. one 50c stamp. Collection has over 200 covers or postal stationery cards. Balance are on stamps or cut squares. An impressive collection, years in the making, housed in 3 large Scott binders. Est. $2,000, opening at $2100 (as of 7am August 22nd).