Lot 1120 — USA 1898 Trans-Mississippi set, unused no gum, sold for $1265


USA Trans-Mississippi

Lot 1120 United States #33 1898 1c to $2 Trans-Mississippi Issue, the set of 9, typically fine centering though 5c is a jumbo for this issue. All unused, no gum, 2c and 4c with thins and $2 with light sulphurization. The Scott Specialized prices the $1 without gum at half and the $2 a little below half of catalogue. The set with o.g. has a CV of $4,185. Sold for $1100 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 1401 — US #18, 20 in block of six

USA #18, 20 block of sixLot 1401 OG/NH USA #18, 20 1857 1c blue perf. 15½ Type I and Type II Combination block of six with two never hinged. Type II was produced from an altered die and when plate 12 was laid out, transfer rolls from both the original and altered die were used. This has a 2011 Philatelic Foundation certificate “unused, OG, block of 6 (2×3), positions 32-33/42-43/52-53R12, B/C/B reliefs, top and bottom rows Type II, centre row Type I, and we are of the opinion that it is genuine, previously hinged, the top left stamp with a small adherence on the reverse.” The block is fresh, without fault and the two middle stamps are never hinged (Scott 18 CV$4,200 for hinged and the earliest premiums for never hinged starting with the 1879 issues are more than 300%). An important classic block destined for an advanced collection. Scott CV$10,650