Lot 1561, United States mostly mint collection 1847-2013, sold for C$15,210

Lot 1561 United States Extensive Mostly Mint Collection in Six Albums, 1847 to 2013, left intact as received, and probably the most complete we have ever handled. The collection is in six Mystic albums (stamps are in black mounts) with matching slipcases, and has a mix of mint and used up to the 1890s, then predominantly mint to the end, with never hinged starting fairly early on. The collection is essentially complete for regular issues from about 1870 and on (with much material before then), and includes lots of extra material such as coil pairs and singles, souvenir sheets, a few plate blocks, booklet panes and booklets, printings and varieties, blocks, self-adhesive mini-sheets, and more. There are numerous expensive stamps throughout (many in the several hundreds to thousands of dollars), both in the early period as well as in the modern period, with way too many to list, so we have scanned the first 150 pages online to give an idea. The back of the book sections were lotted separately. A lovely collection, with an enormous catalogue value (not to mention the huge face value), and overall fine to very fine, except in the early period where stamps may have no gum, or hinge remnants, or trimmed perfs, etc. We counted the face value for 2011 to 2013 only, which adds up to US$397 (including 517 Forever stamps). A great opportunity for continuation, or for dealers to break up and resell. Estimate $15,000, sold for C$13,000.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1562, USA Back of Book collection, sold for C$1,989

Lot 1562 United States Mostly Mint Strong Back of the Book Collection, all on Mystic pages, starts with Semi-Postals, then airmails with #s C1-C150 complete mint, mostly hinged before the 1930s (Zepps are lightly hinged), then NH to the end; Special Delivery E1-E23 complete (with extra shades, etc, E1 has no gum, E2-3 have small faults, E4 is used); very fine never hinged #F1; Postage Due first two sets just missing one stamp (mixed mint and used), 1891 set mint to the 10c, 50% complete mint from 1894 to 1917, complete 1930 to 1985; Parcel Post #Q1-Q12 complete mint with many extras; Special Handling QE1-QE4 complete mint with extras; Parcel Post Postage Dues JQ1-JQ5 complete mint. The collection also includes three double-sided stock pages loaded with extra copies, plus many NH Officials from the 1980s and 1990s (incl. coil pairs), a good selection of Officially Sealed stamps, etc. A very nice and clean collection, with a huge catalogue value, see our many scans for a small taste only, view to better appreciate. Estimate $1,000, sold for C$1,700.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1056, selected group of worldwide covers, sold for C$1,053

Ex-Lot 1056, selected group of worldwide covers, sold for C$1,053Lot 1056 Worldwide Group of 73 Selected Better Worldwide Covers, from many different countries such as China (PRC), Switzerland, Germany, France, Zanzibar, Austria, United States, New Brunswick, India, Malta, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Cyprus, Gibraltar, French Polynesia, and much more. Noted commercial covers, first day covers, Zeppelin covers, destinations, frankings, a 1935 Portuguese Red Cross inverted overprint error cover, etc. A very useful and valuable lot, with a few small faults but overall fine or better, and quite worth a close look. Estimate $500, sold for C$900.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1575, United States Possessions collection in album, sold for C$1,228

Lot 1575, United States Possessions collection in album, sold for C$1,228Lot 1575 United States Possessions, mostly Mint Collection in an Album, all on Mystic pages, starts off with Hawaii, noting #s 10S, 11S, 24-26 (unused, $1,050), 34 (hinged), almost complete first Provisional Government overprint issues (mostly hinged), O1-6 (hinged) and many more; Guam with #E1 (hinged) and a few more; Shanghai with #s K1-K15, K17, K18 (assumed all hinged, $1,685); Canal Zone with #s 1 (hinged, $650, looks ok, see scan), and many more, including good back of the book; Philippines with a good representation up to about 1940 (back of the book continues to the 1960s), and more. A clean and respectable collection, which might yield some surprises in the overprint types, shades, etc, overall fine or better. Scans only show a small portion, so viewing is recommended. Estimate $600, sold for C$1,050.00 pus 17% buyer’s premium.