Lot 1767, Extensive Great Britain collection 1840-1951 in Gibbons Senator album, sold for C$2,415

Lot 1767 Great Britain Extensive Advanced Collection in a Stanley Gibbons Senator Album, 1840 to 1951, a lovely collection starting with mostly used up to KGV, then a mix of mint and used. Starts with #1, 2, 3(x4), 4 (x7), 5, followed by postmark studies on #3 stamps with Maltese Crosses (x8) and numerals (x17), a page shows printing methods as seen on the backs of six stamps, with Ghostly Heads and blue papers, etc. #s 14 to 34 are shown with a variety of shades, postmarks, etc. Two pages show a plating study of #s 29 and 30, thirteen pages show plates of the #33 (missing 9 plate numbers). The rest of the Queen Victoria period follows in pretty much the same manner, showing plates, shades and postmark studies. We note a Whitaker’s Almanac Mulready envelope mailed in 1883, an 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee illustrated cover with a South Kensington Crown cancel. The KEVII era is represented on 15 pages, with mint and used, postmark and shade studies, printings, etc. KGV is displayed on 27 pages, with mint and used dies, printings, watermark varieties, printing varieties, shades, mint and used blocks, three Seahorses are #222-224, etc. Pages of KEVIII and 1937 Coronation, with mint plate items, semi-colon flaws, etc, then three pages of 1940 Centenary of postage stamp souvenir sheets, etc. Last but not least are about 40 pages of KGVI, again with mint and used, high values, watermark varieties, lots of plate material, coil end strips (seals), and more. The early imperforates may not all have four margins, but most of the stamps are fine or better. A very nice collection, with no very high value stamps included (still enormous catalogue value), but what is included is nice quality and well researched and presented. Viewing is highly recommended. The pages we have put online only show a small portion of this tremendous collection. (Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3) (Page 4) (Page 5) (Page 6) (Page 7) (Page 8) (Page 9) (Page 10) (Page 11) (Page 12) (Page 13) (Page 14) (Page 15) (Page 16) (Page 17) . Estimate $2,000, sold for C$2,100.00 plus 15% buyer’s premium.