Lot 1456, Great Britain mint and used collection 1840-2014, sold for C$2,574

Lot 1456, Great Britain mint and used collection 1840-2014, sold for C$2,574Lot 1456 Great Britain Mint and Used Collection, 1840 to 2014 in seven Stanley Gibbons padded albums with their matching slipcases. The collection is mostly used up to about 1935, followed by a short period where there is a mint and a used, and from the 1940s and on the collection is mint never hinged only (except for Machin heads which are mixed, and a few items here and there). There is a high level of completeness from 1840 to 1990 (missing only a few stamps such as the three QV £, etc) and from 1990 to the end there are various levels of completeness. Strongest in the early period (we catalogued from 1840 to 1913 in Stanley Gibbons at £19,065, not counting better plates or shades, etc), plus the large amount of mint values and the extensive showing of Machin heads. The quality is quite nice throughout, with the early issues having mostly nice c.d.s. cancels (including the high values, which we left in the collection), the early imperforates mostly have four margins, and the rest is overall very fine. Well worth a close look, as this is worthy of continuation. See our scans online to get an appreciation of the early material. Estimate $1,000, sold for C$2,200.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1464, Great Britain collection of mint Control Number singles & multiples, 1881-1951, sold for C$1,462

Lot 1464 Great Britain Extensive Collection of Mint Control Number Singles and Multiples, 1881 to 1951, all neatly displayed and well described on 87 pages in a spring back album. First page is full of Queen Victoria issues, followed by King Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, and ends with George VI and a few Postage Dues. The majority of the collection is mint, with a few pages at the end of used, and we note that many of the mint are hinged in the margin only. A remarkable collection which would have taken a long time to assemble, which shows a lot of variety, including perforated and imperforate margins, a large range of letters and numbers in margin, different plate markings, different rule markings, printings and much more. We counted the Scott catalogue value for the mint stamps only at $2,528 which does not take into account all of the never hinged premiums, nor the premiums Stanley Gibbons gives for the control numbers, and each denomination was counted at the cheapest printing or shade (there are many good shades here). A clean collection, with many bright colours and mostly fresh material. See scans online for a sneak peek. Estimate $500, sold for C$1,250.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1949, Great Britain 1919 retouched Seahorses, VF NH, sold for C$862

Lot 1949, Great Britain 1919 retouched Seahorses 10sh, VF NH, set sold for C$862

Lot 1949, Great Britain 1919 retouched Seahorses, 2p6sh & 5sh VF NH, sold for C$862Lot 1949 Great Britain #179-181 1919 2sh6d, 5sh and 10sh King George V Retouched Seahorses, each mint never hinged and with sheet margin at left, from the Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Printing (each measures just under 23mm high), very fine and fresh. Scott CV U$1,050, sold for C$750.00 plus 15% buyer’s premium.