Lot 623, Canada 1899 Patriotic postcard, St. Catharines to Hamilton

Lot 623Lot 623 Canada #75 1899 Patriotic Private Post Card, mailed from St. Catharines, Ontario (c.d.s. dated AUG.8.1899) to Hamilton, Ontario (Bickerdike machine dater hub receiver dated AUG.24.1899). The card has a colourful depiction of “Rule Britannia, Rule the Waves, etc. with a woman warrior holding a British shield, a lion and a ship. Franked with a 1c Queen Victoria Numeral. A lovely card, very fine. Estimate $150.

Lot 1234 — Canada 1899 private post card, one cent numeral

Lot 1234 front
Lot 1234 back
Lot 1234 Canada #75 Lovely Colour Illustrated 1899 Private Post Card, from the Dominion Radiator Company in Toronto, in bright silver, red and blue, depicting a sailing mast with flags spelling the word “SAFFORD”. Back illustrates the “Safford Florence” ornate radiator and lists the company’s services, etc in blue and red. Franked with a 1c QV Numeral tied by an RPO cancel, Port Hope squared circle receiver on message side. A stunning card, very fine and rare. Estimate $300.

Lot 1235 — Canada 1898 illustrated post card, Kennebecassis Yacht Club

Lot 1235Lot 1235 Canada #75 1898 Colour Illustrated Private Post Card, from the Royal Kennebecassis Yacht Club in St John, NB, illustrated by a their logo, a 3 colour flag. Franked with a 1c QV Numeral tied by a squared circle cancel. Message side is preprinted and announces an upcoming meeting (mailed on the same day as the meeting!). This Yacht Club still exists, and their website says “since 1898” so this is an early card from them. Lovely and very fine. Estimate $100.