Lot 142 — Canada fifteen cent grey Large Queen with Pawnbroker, sold for $1955

Lot 142
Lot 142 Canada #30iii 1868 15c grey Large Queen with Pawnbroker Variety, mint with original, hinged gum. Fresh colour and a very nice example of this variety. Extremely fine and accompanied by a 1997 Greene Foundation certificate. (Since the certificate was issued, the blind perf at left has been removed.) Unitrade CV$2,500, sold for $1,700 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 755 — Nova Scotia three pence dark blue heraldic, unused no gum

With the auction a day away, we can’t resist highlighting another item from the strongest British North America section we’ve ever had:

Nova Scotia #3 unused no gum

Lot 755 Nova Scotia #3 1857 3d dark blue Heraldic, unused (no gum), with bright colour and four margins. Very fine. Accompanied by 2013 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$2,200.