Lot 142 — Canada fifteen cent grey Large Queen with Pawnbroker, sold for $1955

Lot 142
Lot 142 Canada #30iii 1868 15c grey Large Queen with Pawnbroker Variety, mint with original, hinged gum. Fresh colour and a very nice example of this variety. Extremely fine and accompanied by a 1997 Greene Foundation certificate. (Since the certificate was issued, the blind perf at left has been removed.) Unitrade CV$2,500, sold for $1,700 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 755 — Nova Scotia three pence dark blue heraldic, unused no gum

With the auction a day away, we can’t resist highlighting another item from the strongest British North America section we’ve ever had:

Nova Scotia #3 unused no gum

Lot 755 Nova Scotia #3 1857 3d dark blue Heraldic, unused (no gum), with bright colour and four margins. Very fine. Accompanied by 2013 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$2,200.

Sale #11 Begins Today

Auction Sessions times can be seen at this page. We start off today with Canada and British North America. Tomorrow is Commonwealth, Worldwide, Postal History and Literature. Thursday will see the Lots & Collections.

Here is a gem that will be called in the first minutes of today’s sale:

Canada #5d UsedLot 18 Canada #5d Used 1855 5d grey violet Consort on thick hard paper. Light target cancel and four margins. A very fine stamp. Accompanied by 2012 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$4,000