Lot 792 — New Zealand 1904 One penny universal “mixed perfs” block, realized $460

New Zealand #108var "mixed perfs" blockLot 792 New Zealand #108var. 1904 1d “Universal” Mixed Perfs Block. Row 9-10/19-20 block with perf. 14 horizontal perforations which were officially patched on the back with one strip, then reperforated 11 on the middle and bottom, leaving double perfs in the bottom margin of 11 plus 14. Printed from Dot Plate Z. The block has two small hinge thins. A very scarce block (S.G. 284), fine with original gum. Estimate $400, SOLD for $400 plus premium.

Lot 1149 — Newfoundland Two cent vermilion KEVII error on cover, realized $302

Newfoundland #82 pair on cover with partial stamps aboveLot 1149 Newfoundland #82 1902 2c vermilion KEVII Error on Cover. Horizontal pair used to pay 4c rate to St. Johns from Bay Islands (broken circles 15 Oct, 1902) with horizontal perforations being offset to the top by about 7mm, resulting with two and a half stamps showing. Quite rare, nice showpiece and very fine. Estimate $200, SOLD for $275 plus premium

Lot 229 — Canada One cent green Admiral War Tax sunken die proof, realized $2530

Canada #MR1 sunk die proofLot 229 Canada #MR1 Proof 1915 1c green War Tax, in colour of issue on India paper (60x64mm) die sunk on card (72x84mm), showing O-G-66 die number above stamp impression, very fine. A rare proof with only a handful of examples recorded. Estimate $2,000, SOLD for $2,200 plus premium

Lot 63 — British American Bank Note Company advertising sheet showing Victoria Widow Weeds, realized $3910

BNA Bank Note Company Advertising sheet with vignettesLot 63, British American Bank Note Company Advertising sheet, in black and green on India measuring 208 x 130mm and showing Victoria Widow Weed, Jacques Cartier (Scott #208) and other vignettes, engine-turned scrolls, value tablets and more. Sheet is hinged onto black cardboard, vertical crease and minor edge tears, otherwise a lovely exhibition showpiece, which is possibly unique. Estimate $3,500, SOLD for $3,400 plus premium.

Lot 149 — Canada One cent blue green Admiral pair and single on CP Rail cover, realized $345

Canada #104b pair and single on coverLot 149 Canada #104b 1911 1c blue green Admiral, pair and single on Canadian Pacific Railway “en route” cover paying the 2c Empire rate plus 1c war tax to Hobart, Tasmania with Australian censored handstamp. The left stamp shows a strong re-entry from position 121LR86 with doubling especially noticeable in lower right numeral, stain at left over cover tear, but still an attractive and rare example of this re-entry on cover. Estimate $250, SOLD for $300 plus premium.