Lot 133 — Canada 15c registered cover to Scotland with five three cent Small Queens, sold for $604

Lot 133Lot 133 Canada #37 1887 15c Rate Registered Cover to Scotland, franked by a strip of five of the 3c Small Queen, paying for double 5c weight rate plus 5c registration fee to Scotland. Stamps are tied by five quartered cork cancels. Mailed Toronto DEC.1886 and received Scotland (Glasgow JAN.13.1887 and Edinburgh JAN.14.1887) on back. Most of back flap missing and overall light aging, still a desirable cover. Ex. Art Leggett (and priced by him at $750), very fine. Est.$350, SOLD for $525 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 1227 — Canada small queen cover, Streetsville to Toronto, with changeling receiver, sold for $1035

Lot 1227Lot 1227 Canada Cover 1873 Streetsville to Toronto, franked with a 2c and a 3c Small Queen, each cancelled and tied to registered cover by its own fancy grid in square cancel. Streetsville broken circle in blue dated FEB.18.1873 and Toronto “Changeling” receiver dated next day. An appealing cover, and unlisted cancel in Day & Smythies or Lacelle. Pressed-out creases at top only affecting 2c stamp, else very fine. Est. $350, SOLD for $900 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 487 — Canada semi-official airmail, twenty-five cent blue North Air Service, two items on pages, sold for $374

Lot 487Lot 487 Canada #CL5 1925 (25c) blue Northern Air Service, with two items, neatly mounted and described on two pages, with an illustration. One with stamp tied to piece by Haileybury Ont cds dated SEP.2.1925 (one of the last flights flown by the company), plus a First Flight from Rouyn Lake Que to Haileybury Ont JUN.27.1925 (450 carried) with back franked by CL5 and signed by pilot B.W. Broatch. Both very fine. Unitrade CV$350, SOLD for $325 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 53 — Three penny beaver perforated on cover Perth to Toronto, earliest recorded date, sold for $1380

Lot 53Lot 53 CVR Canada #12 1859 3d red Perforated Beaver on Cover. Mailed Perth U.C. JUN.23.1859 to Toronto (receiver on back) and franked with a very fine and deep coloured 3d perforated Beaver, tied to bluish cover by an ideal strike of the 4-ring 29 cancel. The Perth broken circle Berri datestamp has an error in the year date (56 instead of 59) and is the earliest recorded date for this cancel, as well as being very early for these types. This was mailed only one week before the new decimal currency came into effect. A most desirable cover for its many attributes, and very fine. Accompanied by 2013 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$1250, SOLD for $1200 plus buyer’s premium.