Lot 1223, Canada 1916 WWI “Killed In Action” cover from Cobalt Ont., sold for $316

Lot 1223Lot 1223 Canada 1916 World War I “Killed in Action” Cover from Cobalt, Ont. to a Capt. Peterman. Manuscript “Killed in Action 26-9-16” and Offices signature at left. “Undeliverable for reason stated / Return to Sender” boxed handstamp at right. Creases, etc. as usual for this well travelled cover. Estimate $100, sold for C$275 plus buyer’s premium

Lot 1216, Canada 1918 cover to soldier, “Killed In Action” handstamp, sold for $403

Lot 1216Lot 1216 Canada Oct. 1918 Cover to Soldier in France with “Killed in Action” Straight Line Handstamp, in red and signed by Wm. Lethre, Capt. Handstamps are scarce (usually you see manuscript notations). Cover from London Ontario was returned to sender via the Dead Letter Office in Ottawa. Estimate $200, sold for C$350 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 1212, Canada WWI covers: 1916 “Died of Wounds” and 1918 “Killed In Action,” sold for $518

Lot-1212 revLot 1212 Canada 1916 and 1918 Died of Wounds and Killed in Action Covers, includes an O.H.M.S. cover from Ottawa that was returned for 5c postage and then sent to France August 1916. With manuscript deceased D of W on cover. Also a Canadian Contingents Record Office oblong handstamp on front and an Ottawa Dead Letter handstamp Oct. 1916 receiver on back. Second cover is marked killed in action 30.9.18 in red pen above a red handstamp from his commanding officer. Also returned via Ottawa D.L.O. Estimate $200, sold for C$450 plus buyer’s premium.Lot 1212