Lot 256, British Columbia 1866 three pence pale blue on cover, sold for $1322

Lot 256, British Columbia 1866 three pence pale blue on cover, sold for $1322Lot 256 British Columbia #7a 1866 3d pale blue Heraldic on cover, mailed at New Westminster, BC (oval dateless handstamp in blue, properly tying stamp) to Victoria, with a large double circle (in blue also) on back, reading “General Post Office British Columbia” and dated NOV.7.—6. Slightly reduced at right and stains on back, still a scarce cover, with two lovely cancellations and very presentable. Accompanied by a 2015 Greene Foundation certificate. Ex. Ken Kutz (1997) and Jack Wallace (2014). Estimate $1,000, sold for C$1,150 plus buyer’s premium.

2015 V. G. Greene Foundation certificate

Lot 801 — British Columbia 1860 two and a half pence dull rose Victoria imperf, mint

Lot 801Lot 801 British Columbia #1 1860 2 ½d dull rose Queen Victoria Imperforate, Unwatermarked, mint with large part original gum and four large to clear margins. An unusually fresh stamp, with razor sharp impression and rare thus. Accompanied by a 1991 David Brandon certificate and stamp is signed by Herbert Bloch. Unitrade CV$62,500

Lot 463 — British Columbia 1869 three pence lilac rose Heraldic with ten cent surcharge, MNH

Lot 463Lot 463 British Columbia #15 1869 10c on 3d lilac rose Heraldic Surcharge, Perforated 12½, mint, with full original hinged gum (tiny bit disturbed). Very nicely centered for issue, fine-very fine (catalogue value is for fine only). Accompanied by a 2013 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$2,400.