The “Outaouais” Collection of High-Quality Mint & Used Canada and Selected United States

Lot 34 Canada #13 1859 6d Brown Violet Consort, Perforated 11¾, mint with full original gum, slightly disturbed. This lovely stamp has deep rich colour and a crisp impression. A very well centered stamp as well, as even the nicest mint examples are often off-center. There are two clear intersecting guidelines in the bottom left margin, adding to the desirability of this stamp. A truly stunning stamp in all respects, quite fresh and very fine. Accompanied by 1966 and a 2007 Philatelic Foundation certificates, as well as a 2020 Greene Foundation certificate. Surely one of the nicest mint example of this rare stamp. Rsv. $25,000.

The Outaouais Collection was formed over a period of over thirty years, and consists of high quality, hand picked mint and used stamps and covers, bought one at a time in order to achieve a collection of the highest quality standards. The majority of the classics are accompanied by recent certificates, and many of the stamps also have excellent provenance. Many of the early mint stamps have original gum and will mostly be never hinged soon after. The used stamps were mostly chosen for their legible in-period postmarks, rarely seen on Pence issues, and if no c.d.s. was available then centering and appearance was purchased.

Part I of this sale was conducted by our firm on September 26th, 2017 and featured the first three mint stamps of the Canada collection, #1a, 2 and 3. The sale attracted much attention, as evidenced by the great prices realized, with the #1a (very fine unused) selling for $75,900, the #2 (very fine unused) selling for $61,100 and the #3 (extremely fine sheet margin stamp with original gum) selling for $327,750, the highest amount paid for a Canadian stamp (these prices include buyer fee).

Catalogue PDF (20MB)

This Part II offered here includes the rest of the Canada collection (up to 1950) as well as selected United States issues up to the 1940s including some graded and certified stamps. We hope you will enjoy this sale and that you will become one of the proud new owners of items from the Outaouais Collection.