Sold for $978 — Lot 1180, Canada #79

1899 5¢ blue Numeral on bluish paper, an exceptional mint never hinged single with immaculate gum and lovely deep fresh colour. Accompanied by 2008 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. The 5¢ value is quite difficult to locate in premium quality – this stamp is particularly nice and would likely obtain a lofty grade under the U.S. grading system. Unitrade C$900

Sold for $264 — Lot 1172, Canada #67

1897 1¢ blue green Leaf A lovely mint stamp possessing all attributes a collector would want, starting with exceptional centering within oversized margins, deep rich colour as fresh as the day it was printed and full unblemished never hinged gum. An extremely fine stamp worthy of the finest collection.

This stamp catalogues C$180 in Unitrade, and US$70 in Scott. A very desirable stamp, as the realization demonstrates.