Surprising Cover Lots

We have usually highlighted individual stamps that drew impressive realizations, but a number of the cover lots also surprised. A quick glance down the page of earlier Canada covers will show many that sold for the estimate or better. Postcard lots did well, as did bulk world covers.

Lot 1581 is an excellent example. Two boxes of approximately 750 Halifax, Nova Scotia squared circles on covers and cards. One box contains a calendar collection separated by month and year and the other box is mixed dates. We noted several Small Queen, Jubilee and Numeral frankings along with cards as well. Noted at least 26 precursors. Condition varies. We estimated $250, eventually sold for $862.

Sold for $13,225 — Lot 1478, Newfoundland #2

Newfoundland 1857 2d scarlet vermilion Heraldic, the great rarity, with four huge margins for the issue, deep rich colour and fine impression. Several light stains are mentioned for the record, very fine. Accompanied by 1949 R.P.S.L. Certificate stating "genuine, has slight stains, unused." Very fine. (SG #2 £15,000.)

A very good realization despite the staining.

Sold for $4830 — Lot 1453, Canada #I-110 Amherst NS Pre-cancel

Amherst 4¢ bistre Admiral with type 1 precancel. There is a trivial thin on back mentioned for the record, overall fine. A rare precancel that is missing from most collections.

From that short description came one of the best realizations in Sale #2. Lot 1453, the Amherst NS precancel (#1-110) on 4¢ bistre Admiral has not been offered in perhaps 10 years, and is missing from most collections. Despite a trivial thin on the back, and not being well-centered, our example sold for $4830 including premium. We are told that this is likely a record price for a single Canadian pre-cancel.