Lot 193, Canada 1929 ten cent green Mount Hurd, XF NH marginal block imperf vertically, sold for $748

Lot 193Lot 193 Canada #155b 1928 10c green Mount Hurd, mint never hinged left marginal block of four, imperforate vertically, with guide arrow in selvedge. A very fresh block, quite rare and extremely fine. Unitrade CV$750, sold for $650 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 206, Canada 1935 1c Elizabeth with weeping Princess variety in VF NH block of four, sold for $207

Lot 206Lot 206 Canada #211i 1935 1c Princess Elizabeth, with “Weeping Princess” variety (from Plate 1, position 21) on bottom left stamp of a mint never hinged block of four, with sheet selvedge at left. Very fine and accompanied by a 2015 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. Unitrade CV$200, sold for $180 plus buyer’s premium.
Lot 206