Lithuania #N47, Lot 342

A joy of being in the auction business is the opportunity to see and study collections in greater detail than is normally possible.  One of the collections which provided this pleasure was of Lithuania.  This multi-volume collection had mint and used stamps, errors and varieties galore and several volumes of postal history.  Because there is less demand for the stamps of this fascinating Baltic country the errors and rarities are relatively much more affordable. This auction will present an opportunity to obtain them. An example is Lot 342, pictured above.

Canada #1, 1a (Lots 403 and 404)

Canada’s first stamp is the three penny beaver printed on laid paper, Scott #1. We offer two lots of this popular collectible.  One is a pair of these stamps in the highest quality with deep rich colour, light postmark and large, even margins (#1, lot 403).  The second (lot 404, Scott #1a) is from the corner of a sheet with the original huge margins. With a centrally applied target cancel, this stamp has tremendous visual appeal.  Less than a handful of corner marginal examples have survived.

Welcome to Sparks Auction #3, January 13th & 14th 2009

Stamps of the highest quality, rare stamps which are seldom offered, collections carefully built over decades, and huge quantities of stamps filling cartons — Sparks Auction #3 offers it all!

As we have previewed in this space for the past month, preparations for our third auction are now complete.  We will be mailing printed catalogues this week to our subscribers.  The PDF versions of all catalogue sections are presented on the page in the right sidebar; they can be viewed on your computer with Adobe Reader or within your web browser, depending on your configuration.  Our image gallery, containing more than 2400 scans, is now also on-line.  The auction lots are loaded, along with images, at, and bidders who have registered with us in the past can submit bids there (see our bidding page at right for tips, or if you need instructions on how to register).

In the coming days, we will be using the site to highlight important and interesting items from the sale.  As well, we will provide any corrections and clarifications to the catalogue on our Updates page.  Please make it a habit to check back here to get the most up-to-date information as the auction approaches.

Perhaps the most frequent question we have been asked recently is to comment on the state of the stamp market since the September economic crisis. First, in times of past economic stresses our hobby has fared well and has attracted new devotees to this pastime.  Dozens of auctions have been held and many new record prices have been achieved for items of special quality or rarity.  In short we are seeing no dramatic change in the stamp market as a result of turmoil in the stock and credit markets.