Lot 1379 — Canada 1998 45¢ Christmas Perf 13.1 x 13.6

Canada #1764b 1998 45¢ Christmas Perf 13.1×13.6 , the scarce perforation variety. A fresh matched set of the four corners, 2 stamps in each block have a horizontal gum bend, which is visible on back but is not a crease as it does not show in fluid, very fine, never hinged. Unitrade: “Approximately 500 mint copies known, plate blocks are very rare.” Unitrade C$10,000.

Lot 2002 — Canada Stockbook of MNH with CV$32,500

Canada Stockbook with lovely and extensive accumulation of mint never hinged material from 1890s to 1951. Overall quality of this group is quite nice with a high number of well centered stamps and most of the material has fresh colours. We have noted only a few hinged stamps are part of multiples. Although there is duplication, it is usually quite balanced. There are too many highlights to mention all of them in this description, we do note (never hinged unless otherwise stated) #34 (9 in multiples), 36 (3), 41 corner block of 6 with (T)HREE CENT counter and lovely corner strip of 3 (short gummed), 42 corner strip of 3 showing weak entry flaw on middle stamp, 44 marginal pair (gorgeous colour), 52 (blocks of 6 and 4), 54 (block of 6 and single), 56, 57, 58 (2), 71 (2), 72 (3), 73, 79 (2), 80, 88 plate #6 block of 10, 91 block of 4 with partial plate no. 2 inscription and hairlines in margin, 99 (2), 100, 101 (2), 103, 120 block of 4, 122 block of 4 (2 hinged), 126a block of 12 (1 hinged) and block of 4, 127a block of 8 (2 hinged), 132 strip of 4 (1 hinged), 50c Bluenose, 50c Grand Pre and much, much more. This lot represents a good opportunity for an astute buyer to obtain a nice sizeable lot of popular never hinged material. A thorough viewing of the online scans is highly recommended; be sure to click on the page scan above to see the image gallery, which contains 19 pages numbered 2002-2002r. Catalogue value per Scott $32,500.