Lot 1373, Extensive mostly used Commonwealth Collection 1840-1937 in six Lighthouse binders, sold for C$13,455

Lot 1373, Extensive mostly used Commonwealth Collection in six Lighthouse binder, 1840-1937, sold for C$13,455Lot 1373 British Commonwealth extensive mostly Used Collection of Queen Victoria to King George V Era in Six Lighthouse Binders with Matching Slipcases, 1840 to 1937, all on Stanley Gibbons pages for all countries (Aitutaki to Zululand), with most countries well represented. A lovely and very valuable collection left intact, and loaded with better singles and sets, way too many to list here. We estimate 90-95% of the collection to be used, rest is mostly mint hinged but we noted some never hinged in black mounts. Starts with Great Britain, with Penny Blacks (x4) and a Penny Blue, a mint #4 with original gum, four embossed QVs (3 are cut to shape), perforated Penny Red plated up to #224 (223 is mint), plus a number of other plated issues such as the ½d rose (all plates but #14), and much more (owner catalogued the GB long ago at $36,900). The owner catalogued many of the pages or countries long ago, many pages having a high catalogue value, several in the $500 to $1,000 range and more. For example we catalogued Malta alone at $3,775 (owner had $3,067). There are also a large quantity of expensive single stamps and sets in this collection, many cataloguing in the $50 to $200 range (and often much more), with many Shilling and Pound values throughout. The postmarks are for the most part clean, with most of the high values being postally used (a few are not). A much better collection than is normally seen. We have scanned over 150 pages online, just as a small sample. We highly recommend viewing this one in person to further appreciate the better than average quality, variety and very high catalogue value of this lovely collection. Overall fine to very fine. Estimate $15,000, sold for C$11,500.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

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