Lot 252, Canada 1927 3c brown carmine Parliament, set of three matching XF NH blocks of eight in different perforations, sold for $6,210

Lot 252aLot 252 Canada #143a, 143b, 143c 1927 3c brown carmine Parliament Buildings, Imperforate, Perforated Horizontally and Perforated Vertically, set of three matching mint never hinged upper left plate blocks of eight, each with printer’s imprint in top selvedge, from Plate A-3. A lovely and very rare large set of multiples, as the Unitrade catalogue footnote states that regular VF NH plate blocks are rare, and that part-perforate plate blocks are very rare, with only 5-10 of any value known. Unitrade also adds that Jephcott and Gates have reported only 250 pairs of each perforation variety. Fresh and extremely fine. Unitrade CV C$4,608, sold for $5,400 plus buyer’s premium.
Lot 252bLot 252c