Lot 611, Prince Edward Island #2

Prince Edward Island 1861 3d blue Queen Victoria, perf 9
, a phenomenal mint single possessing full original gum, hinged, exceptional centering and almost perfect perforations. A few slightly shorter perforations tips are mentioned for the record only and given the nature of this stamp do not detract in any way. Overall extremely fine for this issue and among the finest in existence. Unitrade CV $3000

Lots 119 & 121, Canada #40a (magenta) and #40c (dull rose lilac) 10¢ Small Queens

Two Small Queens, both Very Fine, one mint in magenta and one used in dull rose lilac:

Canada #40a, 1880 10¢ magenta Small Queen, a fresh stamp with nice colour, never hinged, fine-very fine. A very scarce stamp with fresh full original gum and especially in this pristine condition. We cannot recall the last time a never hinged example of this stamp was offered. CV Unitrade $2875

Canada #40c, 1877 10¢ dull rose lilac Small Queen, perf 11½x 12, a lovely stamp with an ideal strike in blue of Baden, Ont FE.25.1877 cds cancel, a reasonably early date, very fine, CV Unitrade $300