Lot 1139, Canada #OX2 on cover

1903 Queen Victoria Officially Sealed Stamp on bluish paper used on cover, originating from Johannesburg, Transvaal, franked by 1d. King Edward paying the letter rate to Ottawa where it was redirected to Ross Creek, Alberta. Letter has cancels from Winnipeg Dead Letter Office (JA 30 1903) Fort Saskatchewan, AB (FE 3 1903), Bruederheim, AB (MR 7 1903), Winnipeg, MB (MR 12 1903), Winnipeg Dead Letter Office (MR 22 1903), Bruederheim, AB (MR 28 1903), Ross Creek (AP 08 1903). Finally the letter was returned to Transvaal and has a Johannesburg JU 20 1903 Dead Letter Office cancel tying the Officially Sealed Stamp to the cover. Stamp has been severed in 2 pieces from opening of the letter, which is consistent with its use, otherwise the cover is actually quite nice given the extent of its travel. This is likely the most exotic known usage of OX2 and represents a lovely exhibit item. Accompanied by 2009 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. Unitrade CV $4000

Lot 1119, Canada #7 on cover

Canada #7, 1855 10d blue Cartier on cover to England, originating from Montreal FE.7.1859 with a second strike used to obliterate the stamp, addressed to Sheffield, England, with America-Dublin PAID FE.22.1859 transit marking and Sheffield FE.22.1859 arrival backstamp. Margin is cut just into frameline at bottom and clear to full other sides, horizontal filing fold well away from stamp, crisp sharp impression and overall fine-very fine. This is the first 10d cover we can recall seeing with the America-Dublin transit marking and, more importantly, the only cds cancelled 10d Cartier cover. Accompanied by 2009 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV $3000

Lot 810, Zanzibar #16b

Zanzibar #16b, 1895 3r green and brown Victoria with inverted "r" in "Zanzibar" overprint, attractive and well centered with full Zanzibar cds cancel dated 10.JA.96. There are a few shorter perfs at top which are mentioned for accuracy only and which are not mentioned in the accompanying 1995 Royal Philatelic Society of London certificate ("used is genuine"). This is one of the rarest major errors of Zanzibar, with only a few examples recorded, and even rarer in used condition (we do not recall seeing another used example). A lovely showpiece for the serious British Africa collector (SG 20k £4,750 = $9,500). Scott CV $5250