Sold for $4830 — Lot 1453, Canada #I-110 Amherst NS Pre-cancel

Amherst 4¢ bistre Admiral with type 1 precancel. There is a trivial thin on back mentioned for the record, overall fine. A rare precancel that is missing from most collections.

From that short description came one of the best realizations in Sale #2. Lot 1453, the Amherst NS precancel (#1-110) on 4¢ bistre Admiral has not been offered in perhaps 10 years, and is missing from most collections. Despite a trivial thin on the back, and not being well-centered, our example sold for $4830 including premium. We are told that this is likely a record price for a single Canadian pre-cancel.

Sold for $7590 — Lot 1450, Canada Pre-cancel Collection

Collection of precancels from Jubilees to 1940s housed in binder beginning with the bar-types and followed by town-name types. Noted several items cataloguing between $25 and $150 including some that are not listed in the catalogue. Total catalogue value for this collection is in excess of $17,200+ with several blocks and other items not counted. A better than average collection, overall F-VF and includes several items missing in most collections. Inspect.

The lotter’s expression "Inspect" is commonly used in bulky or multiple items. While it does indicate that we have not enumerated every stamp in the lot, it is also a suggestion that careful inspection will probably yield pleasant surprises. That was surely the case for this lot. Large collections like this will usually realize at best 10% or so of the catalogue value. This one sold for $7590, certainly to a buyer who gave it a closer "inspection" than we were able to give!

Happy Canada Day from Ottawa!

These two superb high values — Lots 1291 (Canada #159) & 1301 (Canada #177) — sold for $748 & $431 respectively. The first is the view you would still see if you walk twenty paces from our front door. Today you will have to also imagine a giant concert stage and tens of thousands of people enthusiastically celebrating Canada’s national holiday!

1929 $1 olive green Parliament, immaculate single with deep rich colour and precise centering, extremely fine and
never hinged. Accompanied by 2002 Greene Foundation certificate.

1930 $1 dark olive green Mount Edith Cavell, immaculate single, fresh and perfectly centered within oversized margins,
extremely fine and never hinged. Accompanied by 2003 Greene Foundation certificate.