Lot 279, Canada 2005 51c red bergamot blossom coil with missing orange and brown, discovery copy

Lot 279 Canada #2128 var 2005 (51c) Red Bergamot Blossom Coil with Missing Orange and Brown Colours, the two missing colours represent the missing orange (“51”) and missing brown (“Canada” and a small part of the flower) as well as the same two missing colours on the attached gutter tab. The stamp has the same tagging as a regular stamp with all five colours, helping to prove that there was no chemical manipulation to remove the colours. Because the attached gutter tab does not have a “C” (for TRC paper) or an “F” (for Fasson paper), the stamp received an in-depth technical report from the Greene Foundation, which resulted in their use of the VSC6000 video spectoral comparator machine. This clearly showed an important difference in fluorescence between the two papers of regular stamps, thus permitting an identification of this specimen to be from the TRC printing. This technical report (Page 1, Page 2), as well as a 2020 Greene Foundation certificate accompany the stamp, which is not only the discovery copy, but so far the only known example of this variety. Estimate $350.