Sessions & Viewing Hours

The auction sessions and viewing will take place at our offices at 1770 Woodward Drive, Suite 101, Ottawa. This will be a CLOSED auction with only Sparks staff on the bidding floor as well as one agent who has been invited to attend and will do so in accordance with our Pandemic Policy. Bidders may place advance bids via email, telephone, fax, or use an Agent (see list below). The preferred method for real-time bidding is to participate and follow along LIVE via Stamp Auction Network. If on-line bidding is new to you, we have detailed instructions on our How To Bid page. Contact us if you need further help and we will talk you through the process.


At our offices, 1770 Woodward Drive, Suite 101, Ottawa BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday to Fridays beginning Wednesday August 26th through September 21st. You must contact us in advance to schedule a time between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EDT. We can only accommodate three customers at once, and will allow one hour between scheduled viewings for cleaning and to minimize contact. Please book a time as soon as possible so we can provide the best possible viewing experience. We can be reached by e-mail or telephone at 613-567-3336.

During viewing, there is guest parking in the lot behind the building and more on nearby streets (subject to City of Ottawa parking regulations).


In the interests of protecting our customers and our staff, this will be an entirely remote auction, with only staff on the floor. You may place your bids in advance by phone, fax, email. We will conduct the sale on Stamp Auction Network in the usual fashion. Telephone bidding can also be coordinated with advance notice. Bidders with complicated instructions may wish to use an agent (see list below for those who represent buyers at our sales).
The sale will be take place at our offices, 1770 Woodward Drive, Suite 101, Ottawa on the following dates and times. Placing of a bid indicates your agreement to the Terms & Conditions of Sale.
Session #1 Canada & British North America
Lots 1-383
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 9:00am EDT
Session #2
British Commonwealth
Lots 384-453
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 12:40pm EDT*
Session #3 Worldwide
Lots 454-506
Tuesday, September 22nd, 1:10pm EDT*
Session #4 Part One Canada Postal History & Literature
Lots 507-784
Tuesday, September 22nd, 1:30pm EDT*
Session #4 Part Two
Worldwide Postal History & Literature
Lots 785-1041
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 9:00am EDT
Session #5 Lots and Collections & Remainders
Lots 1042-1409
Wednesday, September 23rd, 11:30am EDT*
*Except for Session 1 and Session 4  Part Two, each session will begin immediately following the conclusion of the previous session.

There will be no checkout at the conclusion of the sale. Buyers will be notified when their material is ready. Pickup will be by appointment only, one customer at a time, and drop-ins will not be accommodated.


Auction Agents An agent on the floor is a good way to make sure your bidding intentions are well-represented if you cannot participate in person. Auction agents can view material, execute OR bids and limit bids, and maintain your anonymity if desired. We recommend the following agents.
Please contact an agent directly. All of the names below are knowledgeable, experienced auction buyers.
**Can execute live floor bids at the sale.
**Hugo Deshaye
Hugo Deshaye (Philatelist) Inc.
Doug Lingard
Peter Rennie
Gerald Tucker, Lighthouse Stamp Collecting
Nick Martin, LoveAuctions UK
(44) 0120546 0968
Claude Michaud
902-443-5912, 902-456-0950 (cell)
Frank Mandel