Corrections & Updates


Updated Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 8:00am EST.

Sale posted at Stamp Auction Network on Friday, December 20th, 2019 at 12:30pm EST.

LOT# Correction
37 This stamp has two tiny corner creases, not mentioned in the certificate.
77 This lot includes a #5b.
181 ½c Small Queen sheet – now two blocks (40/60).
182 This pair has disturbed gum.
349 This stamp has short gum next to the selvedge.
472 This stamp is accompanied by a 2011 Greene Foundation certificate.
607 This is a #CL43 (not a #CL23), and the catalogue value is $60.
662 Withdrawn.
938 There is a light paper bend affecting top of the two left stamps.
1203 The Jan 31 flag is not inverted.
1211 There are two fronts in this lot, not one.
1215 Does not contain Type 1-1 ensign flag.
1216 Does not contain Type 1-1 ensign flag.
1217 This lot contains three fronts.
1221 The Dec. 29 cover is not a front, and both covers are slightly reduced on one side.
1225 Both covers have faults on back.
1226 Cover has small faults on back.
1255 This lot contains four fronts.
1260 The Nov. 16 cover is open on three sides.
1276 The lot contains two skillfully rebacked covers.
1522 This lot contains 54 covers and cards (not 4).
1796 This lot contains a matched set of #594v (not #594vii).
1926 The number 75 listed is actually a number 92.