Corrections & Updates


Last updated Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 12:40pm EDT

LOT# Correction
Lot 3 For the record, this stamp was not in the 1977 Maresch Private Treaty Sale.
Lot 13 The portion of the postmark on the top stamp has been enhanced in pencil (see scan).
Lot 25 Minuse and Pratt #15C3 (NOT Higgins and Gage).
Lot 96 The 7c was apparently issued without gum as well.
Lot 135 Block is hinged on the bottom two stamps.
Lot 136 There is no MR4 Die I. (The listed catalogue value is still correct.)
Lot 220 OX1 has a light pink crayon mark on front, visible in scan.
Lot 670 U.S. registered cover sold for US$216 [not $116].
Lot 671 There is a typo in the last line, which should say: “A somewhat similar collection of thirty-nine 1939 and nine 1951 Royal Train covers but of an overall lesser quality, sold for $900 in our October 2016 sale.”
Lot 727 Hennok lotting card is NOT included.
Lot 1046 5c has a few minor creases.
Lot 1126 Withdrawn.
Lot 1148 Owner’s CV has not been verified by us.
Lot 1428 Withdrawn.