Corrections & Updates


Updated Monday, May 28th, 2018 at 2:45pm EDT.

Sale posted at Stamp Auction Network on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2018 at 11:30pm EDT.

LOT# Correction
3 This major re-entry is from position A80 and not A47 (also incorrectly stated in the 1964 BPA certificate).
225 This block is separated into two just to the left of the plate inscription, which can be seen in the scan.
436 This is a CL2b (and not CL2a), catalogue value is the same. There is also a light crease on the front cover.
517 There is a light pressed-out crease on this stamp.
657 Withdrawn.
658 Withdrawn.
670 The catalogue value of this stamp is $6,000.
674 There is a very light pressed-out vertical crease, also not mentioned in the certificate.
841 One of the KGVI rolls was counted and contained 280 stamps. Since the other three rolls are of the same size, we estimate the CV to be $1,400 for these alone.
1057 We recommend certification on the 6c bisected cover to verify its authenticity.
1147 One of the Mount Brydges cards is dated 1911 (not 1914).
1222 This is a Type IV precursor and the missing year is not an error.
1305 Includes 20 copies of #56, (not #20).
1319 This lot does not include blackout or censor covers.
1376 Contains items from the KGV to QEII period (not just QEII).
1512 Robson Lowe catalogues: Vol. 5 cover is detached. Vol. 3 cover partially detached.
1706 The stamps identified by owner as Trinidad and Tobago MR9 are MR7, correct catalogue value is $790.
1761 Plate 224 has small faults including a tear at bottom.
1763 The “missing P” variety mentioned in the description can partially be seen.
1828 This collection does not contain #132.