Corrections & Updates


Last updated Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 12:00pm EDT

LOT# Correction
Lot 20 Accompanied by a 2002 V. G. Greene Certificate.
Lot 114 Block is hinged in top selvedge, causing a slight wrinkle (visible in scan).
Lot 143 This stamp is the yellow ochre shade (NOT olive bistre), CV$240.
Lot 318 Withdrawn.
Lot 356 Catalogues €6,000 in the 2014 Michel catalogue.
Lot 378 5l has short corner.
Lot 386 With MUESTRA [SPECIMEN] overprint. Our Edifil catalogue prices these in NH condition at half of NH price for non-specimen stamps, (ie. should be Scott CV$300).
Lot 532 There are 39 fronts. Almost all covers are fronts or cut squares.
Lot 586 Covers are in mixed condition, about half of the lot is postcards.
Lot 596 This is a military cover collection (not QEII Coronation covers).
Lot 740 There are six covers (not seven).
Lot 782 Includes covers up to the end of WWII.
Lot 1027 This lot is five albums, some of which contain Small Queens (not five albums with only Small Queens).
Lot 1097 #154 is hinged in selvedge, a few blocks with toning.
Lot 1143 Withdrawn.
Lot 1144 Withdrawn.
Lot 1188 These are corner blocks of four, carefully arranged to appear as larger sheetlets.
Lot 1281 Collection spans 2009-2010 (not 1999-2010).
Lot 1294 Collection includes six Great Britain #3 and two #4 (not six #2 and two #3).
Lot 1334 Navigation and Commerce issues are forgeries (sold as is).
Lot 1358 Catalogue value is $227.
Lot 1407 Withdrawn.