Lot 282, Canada #116

Canada #116, 1912 10¢ plum Admiral, wet printing, mint never hinged, very fine. Accompanied by 2009 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. A lovely example of this key value. CV $1200, realized $1208 with BP.

Featured Item #5

Lot #298 Canada #108a – King George V – 3c Yellow Brown – Wet Printing. One of the toughest shade and printing combinations within this issue, we offer an example of outstanding quality. Very large, symmetrical margins and distinct, strong colour. Flawless full original never hinged gum. Unitrade Cat. $75

Ian remarks: "I could probably pick several dozen items from the nearly 200 lots of Admirals. I was undecided between the very scarce wet printing of the one dollar (Lot 378) and the three cent brown which combines a scarce shade with exceptional margins. There might be very stiff competition for lot 298. "