Introduction to Auction #4

Our fourth public auction is now posted at

This sale offers, especially in the Canada section, an exceptionally strong showing.  The first issues of the province of Canada have nice quality and are comprehensive.  The pence issues on laid paper are represented with singles and a pair of the three pence and six pence as well as a rare Die Proof of the twelve pence.  We can offer a six pence with original gum printed on wove paper, a rarity from the General Gill collection.  The other pence values are offered as single lots, usually in fine or better quality, as well as in lots in the average quality more usually found in many collections.

There are a number of interesting and selected lots in the Large and Small Queen sections. We note in particular a never hinged ten cent value from the Montreal printings.   Many advanced collectors have had this on their want lists for years.

The offering of 1897 Jubilees and other Victorian issues continues the Sparks Auctions trend of offering more quantity and quality with every auction. Edwards, QuÈbecs, especially Admirals and later issues through George VI will help collectors fill in gaps in their collections.

Queen Elizabeth era stamps start in spectacular fashion with a block of the Inverted Seaway.  The later varieties and errors are very very strong indeed.  The lots of back of the book stamps will excite many with the opportunity to buy 5-hole OHMS perfins, and rare revenues including overprint varieties.

British North America offers rarities such as the $1 British Columbia, PEI #2, Newfoundland classics and ending with the spectacular block of the inverted overprint on the Halifax airmail.

British Commonwealth is headlined by the full pane of the Great Britain 1883 6d on 6d overprint.  Interesting and scarce items and a few nice collections are found throughout this section.

The worldwide section offers 50 lots of USA as well as many lovely items, complete sets and unusual varieties not often found.

Postal History offers many lots as well as selected individual items such as a ten penny Cartier with a circular dated postmark and the very scarce Officially Sealed on blue paper.

Lots and collections again fill our 32 bookcases.  This auction the number which are in the higher price ranges is increased; while we still offer budget-priced cartons of fun.  Viewing will allow interested buyers to see the full value.

Our Next Sale

Already, in the one and a half weeks since we finished describing this sale, four new consignments have arrived.  A collection of Large Queens from Australia, a suitcase from an estate, a strong collection of Switzerland including postal history, and miscellaneous items including a previously unknown major Canadian error give us a good start on Auction 5.

We solicit your consignment for our next sale.  All material which is in our hands by August 31 will be included for a sale we hope to be able to schedule for late October.


Saturday June 6th, 2009    10:00 am to 5:30 pm  
Saturday June 13th    10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Monday June 15th    10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Tuesday June 16th    10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Wednesday June 17th    10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Surprising Cover Lots

We have usually highlighted individual stamps that drew impressive realizations, but a number of the cover lots also surprised. A quick glance down the page of earlier Canada covers will show many that sold for the estimate or better. Postcard lots did well, as did bulk world covers.

Lot 1581 is an excellent example. Two boxes of approximately 750 Halifax, Nova Scotia squared circles on covers and cards. One box contains a calendar collection separated by month and year and the other box is mixed dates. We noted several Small Queen, Jubilee and Numeral frankings along with cards as well. Noted at least 26 precursors. Condition varies. We estimated $250, eventually sold for $862.