Lot 494 — Newfoundland 1860 eight pence scarlet vermilion bisect used on folded letter

Lot 494Lot 494 Newfoundland #8a 1860 8d scarlet vermilion Heraldic Diagonal Half Used on Folded Letter. Mailed St John’s (MAR.28.1860) and addressed to Baltimore US “via Halifax”. The stamp has large margins, deep colour and is properly tied by an oval grid cancel. Couple of vertical file folds do not detract and are away from stamp, very fine. A rare genuine bisect usage. Accompanied by a 1979 BPA certificate. Unitrade CV$7,000.

Lot 829 — Newfoundland 1857 two pence scarlet vermilion, unused, sold for $24,150

It was not hard to decide on the standout realization from Auction #16.

Lot 829
Lot 829 Newfoundland #2 1857 2d scarlet vermilion Heraldic, unused (no gum), with deep rich colour, a fine impression and four large to huge margins (showing next stamp at left). Extremely fine, a world rarity and worthy of the finest collection. Accompanied by a 1970 A. Diena certificate. Ex-Maurice Burrus (1963) and Dr. Chan Chin Cheung (1995). Unitrade CV$25,000, sold for $21,000.00 plus buyer’s premium.