Lot 256, British Columbia 1866 three pence pale blue on cover, sold for $1322

Lot 256, British Columbia 1866 three pence pale blue on cover, sold for $1322Lot 256 British Columbia #7a 1866 3d pale blue Heraldic on cover, mailed at New Westminster, BC (oval dateless handstamp in blue, properly tying stamp) to Victoria, with a large double circle (in blue also) on back, reading “General Post Office British Columbia” and dated NOV.7.—6. Slightly reduced at right and stains on back, still a scarce cover, with two lovely cancellations and very presentable. Accompanied by a 2015 Greene Foundation certificate. Ex. Ken Kutz (1997) and Jack Wallace (2014). Estimate $1,000, sold for C$1,150 plus buyer’s premium.

2015 V. G. Greene Foundation certificate

Lot 709 — British Columbia mail carriers on annotated pages, sold for $1265

Lot 709Lot 709 British Columbia #2/7 Collection of British Columbia Mail Carriers, neatly displayed on 10 pages with nice write-ups, illustrations of postmarks, etc. With a #5 (with Victoria Post Office Official Seal oval in blue-green), a Barnard’s Cariboo Express PAID label in black on deep red paper, a #7 (New Westminster Post Office oval in black), a #7 on large piece of Wells Fargo cover, tied by S. J. Bamber Express NOV.16. large double circle cancel in blue, plus additional Wells Fargo & Co. Victoria oval cancel in blue. Also a pristine “Paid Barnard’s British Columbia Express” “ribbon” corner card sealed but unused cover with Star of David on back flap. Lastly, a page with a “Paid Dietz & Nelsons British Columbia & Victoria Express” “ribbon” corner card unused cover and a #2 with “Dietz & Nelson’s B.C. & V. Express” cancel in blue-green. Lot includes other BC postal history articles, etc. plus an original 1888 “Map of British Columbia, N.W. Territories, Manitoba”. Est. $500, SOLD for $1,100 plus premium.

British Columbia & Vancouver Island #17 cover, sold for $3051

BC & Vancouver Island #17 on coverLot 1372 British Columbia & Vancouver Island #17 50c on 3d violet on cover to England, very fine stamp is tied by numeral in grid to cover addressed to Wimbledon, England. There is a neat New Westminster B.C. cds on front (SEP.14.1869) and a London SW cds receiver on back OCT.12.1869. A bit of aging as expected, with a small tear at bottom and on backflap, else very fine. Ex. Dale/Lichtenstein and accompanied by 2004 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$2,500 realized $2,700.00