Lot 648, two Canada 1897 Jubilee covers, both very fine, sold for C$603

Lot 648, Canada 1897 six cent Jubilee cover Toronto to Milwaukee, very fine, lot sold for C$603Lot 648 Canada #54, 55 1897 6c and 1899 5c Jubilee Covers, the very fine 6c stamp is tied by a Toronto “D” flag machine cancel dated SEP.6.1897 and addressed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (next day receiver on back), and the fine 5c stamp is tied by a Montreal 8-13 (Die VI) flag cancel dated SEP.29.1899 and addressed to Berlin, Germany (OCT.13 receiver on back). Two very fine covers. Unitrade CV$650, sold for C$525.00 plus 15% buyers premium.
Lot 648, Canada 1897 five cent Jubilee cover Montreal to Berlin, very fine, lot sold for C$603


Lot 1223 — Canada 1896 three cent Small Queen cover to Wisconsin

Lot 1223Lot 1223 Canada #41 1896 Lovely Piano Illustrated Advertising Small Queen Cover, showing a bright red and blue logo for J.L. Orme & Son Ottawa with illustration of a grand piano. The cover was mailed at Ottawa with a 3c Small Queen tied by a perfect strike of an Imperial machine cancel dated MAY.27.1896 to Wisconsin (receiver on back). The back is fully advertised and illustrates an “Orme Lute-Banjo” (“a most charming instrument, especially adapted for ladies use”). A very desirable cover, extremely fine. Estimate $350.