Lot 570, PEI 1861 three pence blue Victoria with double impression, unused NG, sold for $4140

This stamp from the Crosby Collection was featured on Stamp Auction Network, in our advertisements and mailings, and on the cover of our print catalogue.

Lot 570, PEI 1861 three pence blue Victoria with double impression, unused NG, sold for $4140
Lot 570 Prince Edward Island #2b 1861 3d blue Queen Victoria, Perforated 9, with Double Impression of the entire design. Unused (no gum), exceptionally well centered with bright fresh colour and intact perforations, with a small thin (not mentioned in the accompanying 2017 Greene Foundation certificate). 2017 V.G. Greene Foundation certificateBased on our research, we are aware of only four other single instances of this major error, at least one of which was part of the Jephcott horizontal strip of three. The Crosby item offered here is by far the best centered example, and has full intact perforations; the small thin is irrelevant as all of the single stamps mentioned above have thins (in addition to cracked gum, ragged perfs, poor centering, etc.). The most attractive example recorded. From the Louis Sidney Crosby Collection of Prince Edward Island. Unitrade CV$6,000, sold for $3600 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 743 — New Brunswick #3 on folded letter

In this sale, we have diverged from philatelic tradition somewhat to present some of the nice covers and usages together with the individual stamps instead of in the separate Postal History section. Here is an example:

Lot 743 NB #3 on letter

Lot 743 New Brunswick #3 1855 1sh deep red violet on Folded Letter, addressed to Yarmouth, NS. Stamp has bright colour and is tied by two oval grid cancels to folded letter with additional “6” rate handstamp. Back has three broken circles: St John New Brunswick MAY.3.1855 (dispatch), Digby NS MAY.4.1855 (transit) and Yarmouth NS MAY.5.1855 (receiver). The unique example of the two ounce (quadruple weight) registered rate to Nova Scotia. Cover is repaired and has a vertical file fold. Ex. Jephcott, Greene, Brassler, Neville Jones, Hackmey and illustrated in Jephcott, Greene & Young (p. 282) and Capex 1951 catalogue (p.156). Very fine and accompanied by 1987 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV$10,000