Lot 1448, China 1942 Cover to Japanese Prisoner of War in Hong Kong

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Front of Lot 1448, China 1942 Cover to Japanese Prisoner of War in Hong KongBack of Lot 1448, China 1942 Cover to Japanese Prisoner of War in Hong KongLot 1448 China 1942 Cover to Japanese Prisoner of War in Hong Kong, despatched from Shanghai, 29 Sept? 1942. Franked with two vertical pairs of China 1940 8c olive green Sun Yat-sen, Dah Teng printing, type III, secret mark, p14, Dah in button, no wmk (Scott 383, SG 492), mailed to Leon Weill, Camp “S” (Shamshuipo Camp). Japanese Ken’etsuzumi (censored) handstamp in carmine with small Hasegawa seal. Indistinguishable pencil marks at left. Circled “48” in pencil possibly prisoner or barrack number. Hong Kong occupation arrival c.d.s. on reverse “17-10-22” (17th year of Hirohito, October 22, 1942), believed applied at Kowloon postal station. Some minor creases plus a light stain on front, otherwise very fine and scarce, a new find therefore first time on the market. Estimate C$300.

Leon Weill, a French national, was born in Hong Kong. Prior to the war he worked as a stock broker. He served in the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force and was thus sent as a POW to Shamshuipo Camp (French nationals were not otherwise interred). He died in the camp, 27 April 1944.

Lot 1313, Spectacular Collection of Karl Lewis Hand Painted Covers of the World, sold for C$16,380

Lot 1313 Spectacular Collection of Karl Lewis Hand Painted Covers of the World, with 102 covers plus 3 post cards. The post cards are some of Karl Lewis’ first creations, as he was a photographer early in his career and sold post cards to earn a living. An extensive and beautiful collection, containing many “crème de la crème” of Lewis’ works of art, all displayed and neatly written up on album pages. The collection contains first day covers of newly issued Japanese stamps, covers mailed from the summit of Mount Fuji and covers with Japanese or American ship postmarks. In the first half, the collector uses mostly Japanese covers to illustrate his chronological story of Karl Lewis. In the second half, he presents all his better foreign covers, first day covers, Mount Fuji and Ship covers and ends it with some of his postcards. We also included a non-illustrated cover with a Karl Lewis return address mailed to Marks Stamps in Toronto, Canada (probably mailed while he worked as a manager of an automobile sales company, as there is an automobile-themed label on back). Listing the better illustrated covers would be difficult, as they are all masterpieces, but collectors who know his work should rest assured that the collection is packed with goodies of all sorts, with many rarities. In many instances the owner wrote on the opposite side of the page how much he paid, and from what auction house he bought items, with several priced in the $400 to $850 range, with the lowest priced at $175. Each cover is scanned on our website, and the lucky buyer of this remarkable collection will also get a publication listing all of the Lewis post cards offered in his 1905 catalogue, as well as a few article clippings and an issue of Japanese Philately which includes a very detailed article on Karl Lewis covers, one of a long series published in this magazine from 2011 to 2017, plus the useful 2019 auction catalogue (and PR) for sale of Dr. Steven J. Berlin’s impressive collection. We are offering this collection without a reserve starting price, as we are certain that it will attract competitive bidding. All of the items in this lot are of the highest quality, with fresh, bright colours and very fine or better. Estimate $15,000, sold for C$14,000.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1326, 1937 Japanese Empire Onuma Park cover, Hokkaido to California

Lot 1326, Karl Lewis Illustrated cover, 1937 Japanese Empire Onuma Park cover, Hokkaido to CaliforniaLot 1326 Japanese Empire Onuma Park, Hokkaido to California, APR.28.1937, Karl Lewis Illustrated cover depicting a park scene, with two strikes of the Sapporo oval scenic datestamp tying four Japanese definitives. Rare and very fine, ex. Dr. Steven J. Berlin collection. Estimate C$500.

Lot 1034, Old time correspondence Canada to and from Japan, sold for C$5,520

ex-Lot 1034, Old time correspondence Canada to and from Japan, sold for C$5,520Lot 1034 Old Time Correspondence, Mostly to or From Japan, 1880s and 1890s with over 80 postal stationery cards, mailed to Japan from a number of countries such as Canada (many), Hawaii, USA, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, China, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, Egypt, France, etc. Also a few local cards from Japan or the US. Many of the cards are UPU and pay the correct rate, but many are also uprated. We note lots of postmark interest, rates, routes, etc. Most of these cards were mailed to Miss Martha Jane Cunningham, who was a missionary in Japan from 1887 on, and eventually became the first principal at a school there (includes a copy of the history of this school and a little biography on her). A lovely and colorful collection, but unfortunately all the cards have been glued onto pages in a book. Still a great opportunity to acquire such a scarce destination collection. Estimate $350, sold for C$4,800.00 plus buyer’s premium.